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29 November 2020 @ 10:24 am
hey guys
so recently, i've taken up the art of ringtone making^^ :P
so if any1 wants wany ringtones but are too lazy to make them, then just message me^^
yeah...... but i might have to have you send me the song if i dunt have it^^ i take chinese, english, japanese, korean request^^ :P but just to let you know i dunt have much korean except for fti so yeah.....

have fun^^ :P
random ringtones?Collapse )the phantom of the opera is here....dun dun dun...!!!!Collapse )the phantom of the opera is here..........dun dun dun!!!!......Collapse )
Joey Yeung:
可歌可泣 here

三十日  herethe phantom of the opera is here..........dun dun dun!!!!......Collapse )
i still accept requests!!!! lolx (i'm desperate!!!!!)
*all things uploaded to mediafire unless requested
and please when you guys download, leave a  comment....please???????

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Current Music: Kimagure Romantic - Ikimono Gakari <33 (thanks to yuukarin <333 i 'rub' u!!! <33
03 July 2019 @ 09:55 pm

ok i'm not really doing it but if u wanna friend me its ok (i just LOVE this banner XDDDD)

28 August 2014 @ 06:51 pm
hey people of the interkranet XD

it's been a while since i've been on LJ you know real life and all

but i'm back on and would like to just say hi....and if any of you guys are still out there, come and pop by to say hello XD


Hi I'm going to pi's con on the 29th of January and since I'll be there, I was thinking I coils help people buy his concert goods since I'll buy them myself but the thing is that I dont know the prices since this is the first stop but I'm guessing that it wouldnt be too expensive >< I hope if any one knows the prices please tell me
I will charge 5 usd fees regardless of how much you buy
Also, I will charge for shipping AFTER I have bought the items so there will be two payments

As for the list of items and prices, I will keep an eye out for it

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04 November 2010 @ 07:43 am

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18 May 2010 @ 02:05 pm
NEWS compatibility test
LJ Username  
fave NEWS member 
your compatibility with Yamapi: - 12%
your compatibility with Ryo: - 92%
your compatibility with Tegoshi: - 74%
your compatibility with Massu: - 23%
your compatibility with Shige: - 21%
your compatibility with Koyama: - 80%
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18 May 2010 @ 12:34 am
leaving for hong kong on monday........still havent packed my clothes yet
still havent bought all my omiyage (no idea what it is in english but i'm sure you all understand this jp word XD) for all the extended family members yet.....
gonna hate how humid it will be in hk...
but on the bright side....i'll be going to saipan...and then japan (for only two days as a stop over but nonetheless je store here i come <3) then shanghai....i just hope i dont get sick.......or get a heat stroke.....because here in canada, even when its hot, there's some sort of wind around.....and when there isnt, the shade works well, but in hk, its so humid that you feel sticky as soon as you get out from the showers......
and also i'm taking those igce exams in hk and i have a feeling i'll fail them all even english...and god knows that thats the only language i know how to read, write, and speak.....my chinese suckssss XD albiet that i dont have an accent in chinese....i might have one in english because i dont talk as much as i used to and all i listen to is my mom nagging me all the time so that might just be because i havent been near english speaking people in a while....
and so....i totally will be disappearing off the face of lj because i'll only have my itouch to go on the internet on when i'm in hk until i buy a laptop that is.........and god i hope my dad gives me enough to buy it  >< even if its just a measly netbook i NEED internet access to downloadddddddd troublemannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
(shige youre so fucking hot slkfhkljsahfdlskhfd)

MISA YOU SAID U WERE GONNA TREAT ME TO FOOOOOOD there are only like....5 more days until i disappear from your world!!!!! D=
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25 April 2010 @ 08:52 pm

Title: The Secret

Pairing: RyoShige, KoyaShige (Friendship)
Rating: G
Summary: Koyama knows everything about Shige.


When Shige had finally agreed to move in with Ryo, he never told anyone, not even Koyama. In fact, no one even knows that they’re dating at all.

“Hey Shige, where are you?”

“Home, why?”

“Shige, you ready to go out?” Koyama squealed over the phone.

“Umm, yeah Kei, I’ll meet you there, in ten minutes” Shige said as he jumped on one foot to put on his shoes.

“Why? I’m right outside your door” Shige froze.

“I mean I’m not home I’m at the cafe near...” Shige panicked

“Oh just come out I know you’re there.”

“I’m really not home...” Shige said as he panicked and rushed to get out the door.

                As he opened the door, there he saw Koyama, waiting impatiently tapping his foot on the wall.

“How’d you know...?”

“I’m your best friend. I know everything.”

04 April 2010 @ 09:24 pm
Moments like these
rating: pg
Pairing: RyoShige, ShigePi
Summary: moments of their relationship
Length: Short!!!!!

“Ryoooooooo-channnnnn~~~ what hhshhould I dooooooo, I can’t seem to schikiss Chige. We haven’t gone farder dan holding handssss and dat’s all I’m comfortable-ble wif.”

“Wait, you mean you guys that’s how far you guys went? Holding hands?” Ryo was grinning like a mad man as soon as this had registered in his somewhat drunk mind.

“Yeah” Yamapi’s head nodded his way to the table and stayed there in favour of slumber.



“I…Shige, I can’t” Yamapi pushed Shige away as the younger leaned in for a kiss goodnight.

“You can’t?”

“I’m sorry, I really like this relationship between us but, I can’t imagine us getting any farther in this relationship. I’m sorry, maybe we should end this before the both of us gets hurt even more.”

“Is it me? What’s wrong? You won’t kiss me, you’ve only held my hand, and now you say you can’t imagine us getting any farther?”

“Shige, I…I tried for you, Shige! I REALLY LIKE YOU. But no matter how amazing you are, I can't force myself to be something I wasn't born to be."


“I’m sorry, I hope we can still be friends,” turning away, Yamapi walked back into his apartment.



“Shige, what do you like? I like toes, you have nice toes. I also like frizzy hair, you have frizzy hair...”

“Nishikido-kun, what are talking about?”

“I...I don’t know.”


Then all of a sudden, Ryo blurted out “I like you!”

Stunned, Shige could only form a very intelligent “Oh.”



“Uhhh, i should get going now...have to rush to Osaka for a recording with Kanjani...”

“Yeah, then you better get going...”



“Did you know that when you said you were together with Pi, I was so sad I thought I could die?” Ryo said as he leaned up to kiss Shige. “Did you know that when I knew that the two of you had only held hands, I was so happy I thought that I could die?” Ryo leaned forward and pecked Shige on the lips once again.



Lying in bed with limbs around each other, the two fell asleep.


NEWS compatibility test
LJ Username  
fave NEWS member 
your compatibility with Yamapi: - 4%
your compatibility with Ryo: - 82%
your compatibility with Tegoshi: - 99%
your compatibility with Massu: - 79%
your compatibility with Shige: - 10%
your compatibility with Koyama: - 59%
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